Apple’s Problematic Dictionary

As you may of heard, a Massachusetts boy looked up the word gay with the Apple dictionary and was very surprised by one of the definitions. It included a derogatory usage that most dictionaries either exclude altogether or note as offensive.  This did neither.

What is interesting is Apple’s response that:

“They told me it’s so hard to track the dictionaries they’re getting sources from, and that they were also shocked themselves.”

Apparently it was from the New American Dictionary and later versions of the iOS had updated the definition.  This case highlights the importance of not relying on one source as well as determining what the actual source the information comes from which may be harder as apps and computer tools become a source in and of themselves.


Apple Goes Searching?

Recently Apple acquired Topsy, a social search engine.  While the future is unclear, it is pretty obvious that Apple, Facebook, and Google are all competitors in everything now.  Remember when Google was primarily focused on its search? They seem to have neglected the social side, which Topsy covered, and now Apple has jumped in to take advantage of it.

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Of all the apps I have tried recently, the one I use the most is FlipBoard.  It is a great way to view Tweets and to see the related links.  It is also a great to personalize and organize media from a variety of sources.